Beautiful villa Casa do Pego with magnificent views by Pedro Ferreira Pinto Studio, Comporta, Portugal

Casa do Pego is a wonderful modern apartment and villa located a short stroll from the azure waters of the famous Pego beach, near Comporta in Portugal. Attractive home blurs the lines, easily merging the exterior environment with the luxurious interiors.

Draped in concrete, glass and natural pine wood, this incredible structure seems an organic extension of the picturesque landscape. Vast terrace areas and a superb pool extend the living space beyond the walls of the villa.

Interior design villa Casa do Pego
Villa Casa do Pego interior design
Villa Casa do Pego outdoor pool
Panoramic view from the hill at Casa do Pego villa
Villa Casa do Pego exterior
Pool side view of Villa Casa do Pego
Schematic representation of the villa Casa do Pego
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