The original design of the panoramic house on a slope with glass walls

Unique Juncal& Cottage Rodney Home is a residential project completed by the professionals at Pepe Gascon Arquitectura in 2012.It is located in Girona, Spain, and is distinguished by its spacious and bright interior. The mansion is located in an amazing area next to a steep highway, which allowed to form a striking and fantastic exterior.

Some homes close in on themselves when a connection to the natural surroundings is undesirable. Others, however, reveal their interior furnishings when it is clear that they give the building an incredible quality and a certain raison d'être, and must therefore become an integral part of a creative masterpiece. In this case, an interesting Juncal& Rodney Home is a perfect example of the openness to nature, as it is built on a plot of land located in the beautiful Begur massif (Girona) in the most beautiful and elevated Mediterranean strip of the Costa Brava.

The longitudinal volume on the north-south side of the building has two floors, the upper tier has three comfortable bedrooms, and the lower tier has social and community areas. The structure sits on the serene shore of the Mediterranean, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and enchanting coves flashing on the horizon.

Juncal & Rodney Home Cottage

The house is connected to the street setting through the upper story, with which the sloping road at the highest point of the landscape is in harmony. The main entrance clearly divides the building into two parts that are connected by a central courtyard overlooking the majestic rock formations left behind by the excavation of the homestead. In addition to the porch, this bare space is connected to the staircase, which can be seen through the glass façade, offering an expressive and picturesque view of the garden. In addition, it appropriately emphasizes the division of the house into two areas of life.

Juncal & Rodney Home Cottage

Much of the grounds have been left vacant because the house was built in one of its corners. This means that the large, flat and open platforms of the project are located in the direction of the horizon. This ground level provides the necessary entertaining space for housing, which is mostly used in the summer. The terraces, garden, barbecue area and pool are integral parts of the interior living, dining and kitchen spaces, which are left completely open with large glass windows with sliding doors. This spatial continuity is framed by the white monolithic slab of the upper floor, which extends beyond the outer boundary of the lower level.

Juncal & Rodney Home Cottage

Glass, concrete slabs, ceilings, and masonry cladding combine to give this home an unusual appearance and distinctive exterior design. The staircase to the second level is set next to a charming patio with a floor surface lined with white pebbles and a graceful palm tree in the center.

Juncal & Rodney Home Cottage

The floor surface was lined with large tiles laid out in an unusual geometric pattern. These finishes blend beautifully with the surrounding landscape, the rocky rocks and serene charm.

Juncal & Rodney Home is a summer kitchen

Note how original and exclusive the architectural ensemble of the country cottage looks. Overhanging concrete floor slab from the second floor closes the lower tier from the sun and bad weather conditions.

Juncal & Rodney Home

On the second level there are cozy and comfortable bedrooms, designed in a serene style. A distinctive feature of their decoration is the white color palette and minimalism in the furnishings.

Juncal & Rodney Home

The following four photos show the detailed layout of the cottage with the arrangement of the furniture and the positioning of the basic engineering elements in the structure.

Juncal & Rodney Home Cottage. Diagram of the second floor
Juncal & Rodney Home Cottage. Schematic of

Unusual Juncal& house Rodney Home by Pepe Gascon Arquitectura is a wonderful example of how a space can be transformed into a vibrant and extraordinary image, filled with eccentric and creative content and unique architectural elements.

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