Classic design Waterford house

The vast grounds of Waterford House in England

In the construction of the house were used eco-friendly modern finishing materials and new construction techniques. A building with its own distinct personality and charm. It can be called a "smart house" if you consider the number of systems and computer technology used here. It's an audiovisual control (with voice and motion). It controls blinds, shades, lighting, and even the water in the bathroom.

Features 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5 living rooms, cinema room and game room. There is also an annex, which is a studio, shower room and kitchen. The Manor House has 3 garages. There is also a covered terrace, which can be accessed from the dining room and kitchen.

The kitchen area of Waterford house in England
The luxurious living room of Waterford house in England
The dining area of Waterford house in England

Around the house – English park (an arrangement of artificially planted plants, which seems natural). Of course, it is very well maintained: perfectly mowed lawns, sanded or paved paths, park figures, benches. All this gives the garden a sculptural look.

Remarkable landscaping on the Waterford House in England

It was created by a group of landscape designers who have managed to ensure that the garden blooms from early spring to late fall. And in the northwestern part there is a pond with blooming lilies. In the center, the fountain welcomes you. The property is surrounded by a high fence, something also characteristic of Britain's old estates.

The grounds of the Waterford house in England
The terrace of the Waterford house in England
The bathroom of the Waterford house in England

As the setting, characteristic of the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. were peculiar to luxury and pomp, it made the interior heavy and cluttered. But the designers of Waterford House managed to successfully avoid that. Every detail is thought out and in its place.

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