Collaborative family home interior design in eclectic style

Nice house, like a fairy tale, the color of cocoa and whipped cream – so it appears to the readers of the pages of Forum City Quedjinup Interiors, Which project was developed by the studio Jodie Cooper Design. The project was implemented on the outskirts of a small town Dunsborough on the southwest coast Australia.

The building's snow-white walls under a gabled roof combine with wild stone trim. On the backside, the house almost repeats the facade, differing only in the absence of masonry fragments. Here on the rounded area under the canopy the terrace is set up with access to the garden, where the paved pathway leads.

Country house in Australia
Interior design of a house in Australia
Interior design of the living room
Bar counter
Interior design of a house in Australia
Interior Design in Australia

On the second floor, the designers designed an original seating area overhanging the kitchen and dining room. The soft beige of the floor covering is diluted with colorful cushions dominated by blood-red, a colonial wicker chair, and a snow-white pendant openwork chair. The same bright splashes of red complement the monochrome of the bedroom for a married couple. It is noteworthy that the wall above the headboard of the bed is made of planks. Adjoining the bedroom, a spacious bathroom with a large mirror and shower stall behind a glass partition completes the theme of beige tranquility.

Interior design of a house in Australia
Interior design of a bedroom
Shower Room Interior Design

In the second bedroom, decorated in white and turquoise tones, you feel an invisible presence of its owner. The wall behind the headboard of a simple wooden bed is painted with crashing ocean waves, and the surfboard, the sea-colored bedspread, and the cheeky red radio show the lively nature of the teenager who lives here.

Interior design of a shower room

Unobtrusive decoration of the house walls, supplemented only by bright accessories and replaceable details, will allow you to change the thematic mood of the interior throughout the house if you wish. You do not have to spend a lot of effort and money on redecoration – just pick up cushions and furniture upholstery of a different color, change the lampshades and place new statuettes and caskets.

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