Single-Family Home in New York: Trendy townhouse architecture by Turett Collaborative Architects

Courtyard with barbecue area

The limited width of the house required architects to make the best use of the space. The problem was solved by adding a beautiful backyard where you can spend enjoyable summer evenings with friends.

As a result, the residence has taken on a two-story transparent structure, giving a sense of spaciousness. The kitchen, veranda and dining room are on the ground floor while the living room is visually connected to nature with a great view. The top three floors – are an exquisite master suite exuding class and luxury.

Creative design, an exemplary balance between wood, glass, and concrete create a unique appeal that blends in perfectly with the urban architecture! The penthouse level offers amazing views of the city and the park. Interior kitchen decor ennobles Tulip table and chairs Along with the iconic with designer furniture LEM Piston Bar Stools.

Kitchen interior design with bar area
A glass door to the courtyard
Interior design of the living room in light colors
Stairs to the second floor
A five-story townhouse in New York City
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