Comfort and standards in the bold Anderson Pavillion home design by Miller Design, Modesto, Calif

Garage on the first floor of Anderson Pavilion
Anderson Pavilion iron doors
Landscaping the path to the house
Courtyard design
A hearth in the center of the room
Kitchen interior design of the Anderson Pavilion project
Stairs to Ground Floor
Bathroom Accessories - Towel Holder
Courtyard Design
Lighting for an Anderson Pavilion private home

While looking for architectural masterpieces we came across this interesting project. As a result, you, dear visitors of Forum City, have the opportunity to contemplate photographs of the building.

Located in Modesto, CA. Was created by Miller Design and is called Anderson Pavilion.

At first glance, it looks a bit mundane. But that's just the exterior. In general, the concept of home designed and conceived very well and can meet all requirements for functionality in the average American. I suspect that this is what the project was created for.

Garage and other services on the first floor. I must say that for the high humidity of California is a very convenient solution. The second floor will stay dry and comfortable, and the appliances and vehicles on the ground floor will safely tolerate dampness.

The exterior of the house is unimpressive. Inside everything is designed for comfort and coziness. Although, for some, it might seem like a hatchet job. But it's not. The inside is not "neat = functional. It inspires long use and long-term living, which is the original goal of this project!

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