Delightful country house on a hillside near a picturesque lake

Modern and incredible lakeside home is a unique project designed by studio Lake|Flato Architects. The country home is located in the vicinity of a picturesque and breathtaking lake in the city Marble Falls counties Burnet Texas, USA. With its appearance, it represents a small and cozy retreat surrounded by scenic nature and incredible landscape that fills long-awaited family weekends with calm and serenity in contrast to the monotonous gloom of everyday life. The apartments are elevated on a unique site, under the lush crown of stately trees with a dramatic view of the emerald waters.

This magnificent country home was built on a compact, sloping lot. The cottage sits in close proximity to neighboring properties and has direct access to an unparalleled waterfront. The single-story profile of the villa from the street hides behind an incredibly tall, two-level glass façade with a mesmerizing view of the natural surroundings. The panoramic second-floor glazing is a beautiful highlight home decor, That encourages a calm and relaxed contemplation of nature and reflection.

The back porch is used as an open sun porch, where you can relax with a cup of warm tea and watch the sun set, or watch the delightful sunrise with your loved ones.

Extremely hardy materials such as local limestone, cedar, steel, and simple and brightly colored interior wood surfaces and millwork were used in the construction of the structure. Custom-made fixtures, fixtures and fittings add individual character to the space creative furniture.

Contributes to the relaxed atmosphere and comfort of the family with ample room for large and small celebrations, as well as modern efficiency concepts such as geothermal ventilation and air conditioning.

All suites are filled with romance, but are roomy enough for a great family vacation out of town on a warm summer evening. The proximity to the amazing lake affords the owners unique opportunities for sporting and leisure activities.

U.S. home interior design

The interiors are decorated in a charming Provencal style, with wooden boards, wooden furniture and a lots of other fine details wall design The kitchen room connected with the dining room and veranda originally complements the general decoration and ceilings, massive window frames, dark beams and decorative light plaster – all this creates a unique rural decor and perfectly harmonizes with the general conceptual idea of the house.

US House Interior Design

The kitchen space, which is harmoniously connected to the dining room and veranda, originally complements the overall decoration. The delightful harmony of textured wood with delicate turquoise graceful furnishings, gives the design a new idea of grace and elegance. Modern furnishings, panoramic window decor and a wonderful system of illumination fill the room with comfort and a special mood.

Bedroom Interior Design

The room for the teenage children was decorated in a light shade palette. Original and unusual layout gives the room a special functionality. An individual space was created for each child in the form of an alcove in the wall that serves as a bed. In addition, each nook is equipped with roomy drawers to store belongings and clothes, a shelf for books, a small reading light and a retractable table for a mug of tea or coffee. Worth a special mention Textile interior decor, Each bed is separated from the rest of the space by a snow-white flowing drape.

Suburban Home in the U.S

Abundant use of natural materials, New design ideas, Passive and active design systems led to the award of certification LEED.

Lakeside home in the United States

Photo courtesy of studio Frank Ooms Photography.

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