Delightful Far Sight House by Wallflower Architecture + Design, Bukit Timah, Singapore

Far Sight House private home in Singapore
Far Sight House patio

A lot of people want a house with a lot of space, so you can furnish it however you want. But there are situations where there is a private dwelling, but one wall still has to be shared with the neighbors. We suggest our portal visitors to see how it was beaten by the professionals from Wallflower Architecture + Design.

Far Sight House terrace seating area
Far Sight House living room interior design
Far Sight House living room interior design

It is built on a hill and the backyard has a spectacular view of Singapore's luxurious residential buildings. The client's main wish was for a two-storey house with an attic and a roof terrace from where you can admire the valley.

Interior design of the dining room Far Sight House
Modern bathroom interior design
Far Sight House interior design
Far Sight House first floor plan in Singapore

Ground Floor

Far Sight House floor plan in Singapore


The architects also solved the lighting problem. Often in semi-detached houses, the center part of the space is shaded. Through proper zoning and an understanding of the nature of daylight, every corner of the house is now lit up throughout the day.

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