A century-old tree as a symbol of fortitude in the courtyard of Centennial Tree House by Wallflower Architecture + Design, Singapore

Palms and trees outside the unusual mansion
Pathway along the house amidst lush greenery
Evening illumination in an unusual mansion
Huge pendant chandelier in the living room
A large tree, surrounded by a swimming pool, in the center of the courtyard of the mansion
A big tree, surrounded by a swimming pool, in the center of the courtyard of the mansion
Large tree surrounded by a swimming pool in the middle of the mansion's courtyard
Large panoramic window on the second level of the mansion
Large windows above staircase
A white tub by the lattice wall
Statue at the end of the bright corridor
Interior of the dining room in white

It is this strength of spirit that is symbolized by the centennial tree, which is planted in the center of the courtyard and surrounded by water. By the owner's request, the front of the house is covered on nearly all sides. The exterior wooden screens allow air to flow into the living rooms. A central courtyard also helps fill the room with both light and fresh air. And between the bedroom and the courtyard, there's an opportunity to open up these screens. A kaleidoscope of light, shadows, air, and screens create an unusual feeling for its inhabitants. At times the tree wakes up and bathes in light. The whole aesthetic is also enhanced by the fact that the influence of the outside world factors are minimized.

A plan of the first level of the mansion
Roof plan of the mansion
Floor plan B of the mansion

The creators of this house – Wallflower Architecture + Design.

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