Delightful rustic houses among meadows and forests

Banquet area of a country house
Wooden cladding on the walls of a country house

It should be noted that many of the interior design ideas of the luxurious house belong to the company Skeppsholmen, dealing with real estate. And it was her management that decided to preserve the overall look of these old country buildings as much as possible. However, as noted above, the interior decoration of many buildings is characterized by modernity, a high degree of comfort, a stunning level of light and coziness.

To achieve a feeling of spaciousness, most of the surfaces inside the building are in white, and the old narrow doors and windows have been replaced by modern ones that let in much more light (even the door leafs are now made of glass and indicate the openness and hospitality of this home).

In addition, skylights were installed on the roof, through which the sunlight simply floods the entire space, erasing the boundaries between structures and furniture and enhancing the sense of wholeness of the image.

Interior design of the living room
Interior design of the kitchen area of the country house

Take a look at some beautifully contrasted antiques: a chest of drawers that doubles as a coffee table, a cabinet that the designers wanted to preserve its original sky-blue color, a wood-burning stove that greets everyone who enters the house.

Even the wooden ceiling beams that run the length of the room don't look like building structures, but rather an elaborate decorative element.

Dining area in the interior of a country house
Fireplace in the interior of the country house
Interior design of a country house bedroom
Country house bathroom interior design
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