Don’t trust the plain facade – it hides a stunning interior!

The Green House is a private residence designed and realized by an architectural firm Carterwilliamson Architects. It is located in the town of Rocelle, West Sydney, Australia. The existing residential design of the house was erected in the 1960s, and because it did not meet modern requirements, the structure was demolished to make way for a new building. The green house project is a magnificent creative masterpiece that has been developed using the latest innovative technology and household remedies. Light and ventilation are fundamental to extraordinary home. In the end, the decorators and architects were pleased with their work, as the design is not only a beautiful family mansion, but also a beautiful structure for urban development, which complements the rich landscape in the Rozelle area.

The backyard of a green home in Australia

The structure is represented by two volumes, which are separated in the middle by a break in The decor of the house front. The entrance to the apartments is lined with emerald mosaic tiles, which adds sophistication and freshness to the image of the structure. Snow-white cobblestones, stone slabs and green plants complete the welcoming and friendly decoration of the porch.

Entrance hall of a green house in Australia

The cottage has a confidential and sheltered glare from the street side, and an extremely open and unobstructed façade that faces the patio. Panoramic window decor on the first floor provides an opportunity to combine living space with the garden area and bring natural charm to a comfortable and modern interior. A small roof overhang protects the décor from the scorching rays of the sun at midday and during the day, and the reflective glazing creates a fantastic visual effect. On the second floor, unusual casement window units decorate the façade of the structure and harmonize perfectly with the window frames.

The dining room of the green house in Australia

The open floor plan on the ground floor harmoniously combines the guest salon, dining area and kitchen. Wall decor was carried out in the form of dark brickwork, fascinating texture and natural charm of which bring a special comfort and warmth to the interior. The ceiling cladding was done in an off-white color scheme, which blends nicely with the furnishings and flooring, which are in a light gray color scheme. The seating area features an upholstered sectional sofa with decorative cushions, creative tables and a home theater, allowing for warm family evenings in a pleasant atmosphere.

The interior of a green house in Australia

Note the unusual and unique design of the bedroom. It is located on the second floor, and an interesting feature of the structure in this room is a sloping slope of the roof. The walls have been clad in white, which optically increases the size of the area, and provides a perfect background to highlight the uniqueinterior items and a furniture set. In the epicenter of the room is a large double bed with rich green linens; the boudoir is furnished with a shelving unit, a ceiling fan and a comfortable armchair.

The pool of a green house in Australia

The following four photographs show a detailed layout of the structure's two floors and roof with furniture arrangement and room layout, as well as a vertical section of the building's structure.

Blueprint for a green home in Australia
A plan for a green house in Australia

Interesting house project The Green House by Carterwilliamson Architects is a wonderful example of how a simple and uncomplicated living space can be transformed into a comfortable and mesmerizing corner that meets modern and eco-living principles.

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