Elegant Robins Way House in the suburbs – a refuge from the tiresome bustle of the metropolis

Sun loungers on the terrace of the house

Here's what the architects themselves say about it:

The clients expressed a desire to completely renovate and redo the house, built in the 60s, to be able to spend weekends and relax away from their city apartments. The clients had by then amassed an impressive collection of objects that could be used in a new way and in a completely different way, and which served as a source of inspiration for the design developers.

A unified design solution capable of combining the basic components of the house with new elements was found. It involved harmonious interaction between all the design components, including acoustics, lighting and equipment, while at the same time responding to the clients' requirements for visual identity and use of their collection of artefacts.

The authors of the project decided to leave the patina and historical details as the client wanted, and at the same time add new and interesting details to the interior.

The modern house has been almost completely reconstructed, and at what point it was just a frame, which allowed its beams to be used as the foundation. Regular ropes were stretched between the ceiling joists. Interlacing marked the different levels of the ceiling.

Light enters the interior directly through the rope canopy. This solution allowed the audio equipment components and various communications to be disguised. Recall that the customer of the project – a professional DJ.

Intertwined ropes form a kind of acoustic screen that absorbs background noise, but at the same time does not muffle music coming from speakers mounted in the ceiling.

Rope ceiling in the living room - Photo 2

The designers managed to fully integrate the ropes into the home's decor, using them also to support several large interior elements, such as the large steel-framed mirror in the main bathroom or the chandelier in the dining room.

An antique chandelier on the ceiling
Bathroom decorated with rope wall - Photo 1
Dark siding facade of the house

Separated from the street only by glass, the shower room is also decorated with wooden planks. The interior and the exterior merge into each other seamlessly. Homeowners now have a comfortable retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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