Lost in the Rockies: Tranquility and serenity for introverts

Step into an inconspicuous mansion nestled in the heart of West Palm Beach Legrena, Greece. This interesting house project with a breathtaking view of the azure waves of the sea was designed by the architectural agency Thymio Papayannis and Associates.

Sea view
Country house in Greece
A view of the sea
Covered porch
Country house in Greece
Interior design of the dining area
Bathroom interior

The villa was originally built half a century ago by the same design firm. At the time, it was an example of new ecological architecture with a structure half-submerged in the local thicket, where only its green roof could be discerned. It's no secret that time has spared no one and nothing. The residence was also dilapidated, it now needed more than just ordinary repairs, moreover, there was an urgent need for redesign. The owners wished to bring their home back to life, to let in a fresh breeze of change, and to perfectly integrate the structure into the natural landscape of unique beauty. Fortunately the site is not far from the beach Legrena – Attika.

It is worth noting that the house, with a total living area of 650 square meters, consists of several blocks connected by comfortable walkways. The guest house stands a few meters from the owner's residence so. To get there, you have to take a little stroll through the wide garden paths, Surrounded by tropical vegetation. It features a spacious patio, a huge swimming pool. By the way, the panoramic windows and sliding doors from floor to ceiling make for a seamless blend with the exterior.

interior design Is done in a minimalist style. Everything is provided for your daily needs, and the environment is relaxing. The buildings are also characterized by the simplicity of geometric lines. Rough natural materials of natural color in tone with the landscaping and local topography were used to restore the structures.

And when the evening twilight begins to fall, soft lighting illuminates the whole place. This is when the most wonderful time of soulful conversations with friends begins, when your conversation is interspersed with the night sounds of cicadas, the noise of the surf, and when you enjoy the sweet scents of blooming greenery. The place beckons you to come and you won't regret it.

Side view
House plan
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