Elegant simplicity in a small provincial town, Voorburg, the Netherlands

In Holland there is a small town called Voorburg with barely 40,000 inhabitants. The features of provincial life find their continuation in the architecture of houses and their interior design.Before you, dear visitors of Forum City, photos of one of the private residences of this little town. As you can see, the highlight of the house is the elegance and the simplicity of the style.

At the same time, you can't say that everything here is dull and gray. The interesting paintings on the walls add color to the overall perception of the building.

Cottage in Warburg
A cabin in Warburg
Bright living room with a corner sofa
A house in Voorburg
Luminous interior of the house
Little House in Warburg
Home interior
Little House in Warburg
Dining room with large table
A cabin in Warburg
Painting in the bedroom
Cottage in Warburg
Bathroom in pastel colors
House in Warburg
Cabinet with wooden furniture
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