Emotions abound: Villa Rak Tawan – wonderland, Phuket, Thailand

Villa Rak Tawan living room interior

Dear visitors, enjoy the elegant decor of the three-level Villa Rak Tawan with stunning views and a chic layout that provides maximum privacy for the entire complex and each of its six bedrooms.

You enter wonderland, which is built with tranquil, natural materials. Modern continental design successfully combines the elegance of ethnic furniture and artistic paintings with the convenience of European furnishings and equipment.

On the upper floor there is not only space for fun activities, but also the living area of the villa. This Villa Rak Tawan space contains a unique collection of Asian antiques and paintings. Equipping Luxury kitchen with Gaggenau fixtures to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Nearby is a huge dining room. Accommodates up to ten guests comfortably. In the privacy area you find refined and intimate bedrooms with spacious balconies that offer a great view of the surroundings and the sea.

The mid-level features a decadent swimming pool measuring 16 meters in length. At either end of the water basin are rooms with their own shaded area for private conversation and relaxation. Here you can also relax in the extensive cocktail bar seating area at the spacious table.

The first floor includes two master bedrooms for couples who value privacy. Successful study design Was designed for quiet exploration or secluded relaxation. Here you'll find a sofa canape with a folding bed. Full-equipped gym to keep you fit.

The residence has Wi-Fi internet access, indoor/outdoor speaker system, satellite flat screen TV, four car garage, 24 hour security, laundry service, room service, personal chef. A range of additional services are available upon request from car rentals to Thai cooking classes.

Modern kitchen interior design in Villa Rak Tawan
Rak Tawan Villa Dining Room Interior
Light bedroom interior design
Luxury bedroom interior design
The interior of the spacious bedroom in light colors
Bathroom interior design
Bathroom interior design
Rak Tawan home office interior
Bathroom interior design
Luxury bedroom interior design
Interior of the Guest Lounge of Villa Rak Tawan
Luxury dining room at Rak Tawan Villa
Lounge area on the terrace of the Rak Tawan Villa
Rak Tawan Villa Interior Design
Sculpture on the Terrace of Villa Rak Tawan
A luxurious swimming pool of unusual shape
Luxurious, unusually shaped pool
Unusually shaped luxurious pool
A luxuriously shaped swimming pool
Villa Rak Tawan's terrace seating area
Dining table on the terrace of Villa Rak Tawan
Villa Rak Tawan Terrace Dining Table
Villa Rak Tawan terrace sitting area
Interior of the living room at Rak Tawan Villa
Rak Tawan Villa Living Room Interior
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