Exclusive design of a chic residence with a modern style pool

Cozy apartment Temozón House represent a private residence designed and realized by the skilled craftsmen of the architectural studio Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados. They are set in a picturesque country setting in a Temozon on a peninsula Yucatan, Mexico, and cover an area of 1167 square meters.

Elevated in a magnificent residential neighborhood, the country cottage has a unique silhouette that extends on an irregular geometric corner lot. Its sixty meter long side faces east and its thirty-nine meter long side faces north.

Interesting home design is used to form a unique environment where a large family life is not enclosed between walls, and the exterior is integrated with the interior and harmoniously combined with it to realize a single coherent volume.

To achieve this goal, the original design layout of the structure was L-figurative form in which two corridors surround the plot to create a garden in the center. One was intended to be used for service purposes and the other as a living area (social and individual space).

Subsequently, one corridor was rotated 45 degrees to take advantage of strong gusts of wind. This relocation also allowed for the integration of the picturesque courtyard garden into the living space.

Finally, to enhance the decorative concept, the corridor was divided into two parts. The first is located in a concrete box, which in the form of a console extends above the ground. There is a private room and a social area, which is a complex of open terraces on different levels that define the spatial hierarchy.

Stone cladding of the building

The property is shielded from outside views by a massive wall of natural stone, which can be seen in the interior décor.

Canopy near the entrance

The owners can enjoy the scenery or relax after a hard day's work on the stunning sun terrace, which features not only a lovely pool and sun beds, but also a striking garden.

Interior design Temozón in Mexico

The image is completed by a sofa and an armchair, on which you can admire the beauty of the environment.

Stairs in the interior

The guest bathroom has a stunning window facing the corner wall with a composition of green plants that aspire to the sun against the brick tile backdrop.

Bathroom interior design

The restroom is completely lined with rough stone material, creating a cave-like feel with a backdrop of modern sanitary fixtures interior And exquisite accessories.

Interior design of the Temozón mansion in Mexico

Spacious dining room with a wide table for the meeting of important people and celebrations has a luxurious and elegant decoration. Marble glossy flooring, a light shade palette and an original lamp fill the room with a warm atmosphere. Magnificent lighting on the ceiling highlights the unusual décor in the form of a wooden panel floating in the space.

Interior design of the Temozón mansion in Mexico

The other sofa area has a more modern design. Wooden plank flooring, light designer furniture, original armchairs and round dining tables are supplemented with spectacular lighting, which cuts into the snow-white smoothness of the ceiling in dark bands.


A single young tree sits on a green lawn surrounded by two building structures. This composition creates an incredibly captivating and pleasing image that unites the interior rooms with beautiful decorations.

Courtyard with lawn

The original swimming pool is surrounded by a sun-drenched terrace behind the rear facade. It repeats the outline of the cantilevered ledge of the building and creates an incredibly fascinating and pleasant atmosphere.

Temozón Mansion in Mexico

Photo material provided by the owner David Cervera.

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    The exclusive design of this chic residence certainly catches the eye, but I’m curious to know more about the modern style pool. Could you provide details on its features and amenities? Does it seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic of the house?

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