Futuristic architecture of a luxurious country villa

Design of the Freundorf villa in Austria
Villa Freundorf in Austria

A high open space between the elements forms the entrance to the central building. The roof is in the form of a membrane, with a projecting area to the north, covering the entrance area. The front terrace offers direct access to the garden, while the south side of the building houses the children's and guest areas.

Freundorf villa design in Austria
Swimming pool at Villa Freundorf in Austria
The pool at Villa Freundorf in Austria

Solid, seamless panes of glass offer a panoramic view of the surroundings, neat white floors continue their way out of the living areas and onto the patio. Floor-to-ceiling glass facades on the main structure. The visible exterior walls are partly covered in Portuguese limestone, while the interior is dominated by bright colors and quality materials. Despite the cool snow-white decor, the house has its own original romance, elegance and underlines the refined taste of the owners.

The living room of Villa Freundorf in Austria

An open staircase works as a connector between the different levels and thus provides access to the upper floor with a large bathroom and walk-in closet. Its transparency seems to float and light, without blocking the light and seems to melt away, merging into overall harmony.

The living room of Villa Freundorf in Austria

The spacious living room with kitchen and separate work area is strikingly clean and functional. With the current open-plan trend, formal dining rooms take a back seat. This arrangement is ideal for a family vacation and fits perfectly into a modern lifestyle.

Living room of Villa Freundorf in Austria

The glass walls continue into the bathroom, which is beautifully open and airy. The feeling of contact with nature is intensified once you open the huge transparent doors. Keeping the same snow-white color, the decoration makes the bathroom big and bright.

Villa Freundorf in Austria
Floor plans of a Freundorf villa in Austria
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