Have you ever seen a jungle in a bathroom? Meet incomparable interior by Hyla Architects, Singapore

Spiral staircase in the courtyard

Stunning spiral staircase

A large living space, clothed in pristine white hues, welcomes you inside. Several levels of private quarters are elegantly hidden from unwanted view. The indoor pool and lobby offer an element of surprise in the form of a floating staircase with glass railing, bringing a sense of magic and excitement

Huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide a visual connection to the outside world. Green areas and carefully placed plants fill this gorgeous interior with natural freshness.

A modern kitchen in white

Kitchen with ergonomic furniture

Stylish shelves for books

Sleek shelves

The open construction of the house combined with the rich furnishings makes it an absolute dream for those who like cutting-edge technology in design. Shelves that disappear into walls and smart lighting fixtures provide extra space. The facade of the building, which combines an abundance of brilliant ideas with a claim to extravagance, is absolutely sleek.

Wooden stairs to the upper floor

Wooden Staircase

Mini Garden in a Bathroom

Natural greenery in the bathroom

This project is by Hyla Architects.

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