Hovering in the air, a stunning oceanfront villa by Tim Spicer Architects and Col Bandy Architects, Morrington Peninsula, Australia

An unusual house with a wide terrace in Australia
An unusual house with a wide terrace in Australia
Original landscaping around the house

Contemporary Australian housing Arranged according to the latest trends. Absence of walls allowed to unite the living room, kitchen and dining room, but the space is properly divided. The bedroom is done in light colors, with monotonous artificial lighting. A large and spacious window of the original shape allows you to feel the beauty of the surrounding world. No unnecessary furniture and accessories, the place to sleep is used directly for its intended purpose. A classic style bathroom behind the bedroom divider, also snow white and uncluttered. The structure of the house imitates a boat hull, and the corner walls protect from the southerly winds that blow from Bass Strait.

Interior of dining room with glass walls
Kitchen interior in white

A wooden staircase connects the floors. The entire layout and room design Made with a minimum of materials, furniture. The authors of the project used only the simplest components for construction: concrete, glass, wood and steel. This solution created a cozy and spacious home with beautiful interiors and great views of the scenery.

Bathroom interior in white

Images courtesy of John Gollings.

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