Wonders in everyday life: a house hovering above the ground and a fireplace hanging from the ceiling

Very often, passing by a picturesque place, we think about leaving the bustle of the city to stay forever among the lush greenery, by the shores of a transparent lake. The house we will tell you about today, will fulfill the innermost dreams of man to be at one with nature.

Unusual architecture of the cottage
Original interior of the living room
Kitchen design
Architectural design of the mansion

The upper bedroom, combined with the bathroom, is behind one of the few walls. But to hide from the world and take a shower here will not work, no matter how much you want. Water and trees are visible on three sides for miles around. The client didn't mind, as the location is quite secluded.

Bathroom interior: transparent walls

Just in case you get tired of this kind of openness, the architects have provided another room for rest on the lower level. Here awaits the customer a cozy bed and a secluded shower room. And after a good night's sleep, with the start of a new day, you can head upstairs again for sun, sky and nature.

Bathroom interior
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  1. Indigo

    These wonders in everyday life sound incredible! I’m curious to know more about the house hovering above the ground – how is it possible for a house to float? And as for the fireplace hanging from the ceiling, how does it work without causing any safety concerns? Can you share any details or examples of these extraordinary concepts in action?

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