Impressive luxury modern family home with sea views

D&E single family home in Spain

Advantageous geographical location of the village, stretching between the sea abyss and the mountains, ensured the area a mild climate throughout the year.

Located above other buildings, the villa provides its residents enough comfort and privacy. The front porch with open balconies and large panoramic windows is amazingly appointed, giving the view of the unique surroundings.

The extensive terraces are found between the house and the pool, which has a unique system that keeps out all dust and rainfall.

The pond is surrounded by a hard floor of waterproof planking that also resists drying out from high temperatures. Courtyard has outdoor car parking.

High-quality, expensive materials were used for interior and exterior design. Amber stone, hand-formed bricks used for the finishes effectively highlight the zoning of the intervals. The structure has many concreted areas covered in whitewash.

On the street side, a high fence closes the mansion from prying eyes, vanity, so as not to disturb the quiet, secluded life of its inhabitants. The villa is spread out over a fairly large area. The central entrance of the house is on the side of the courtyard. It has magnificent views of the garden, golf course, grove.

The front of the cottage has a large area of glazing. As a consequence, the interior rooms receive a lot of light, sunshine, and positive energy.

The terrace of the D&E house
Single-family home D&E in Spain
Bathroom interior in the D&E house
Living room interior with dining area
Floor plans of a D&E house in Spain
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