Interesting project D. Residence by LP Architektur – a new word in ‘countryside’ architecture, the foothills of the Alps, Austria

Strolling through the picturesque slopes of the Austrian Alp, You catch yourself thinking that over there, on the cheerful lawn, sheep graze under the supervision of a sweetheart.. Greta, And in the bright green grass plays her laughing brother Hansel. A hospitable girl wants to give you some steamed milk and walks you back to your house. Dear readers of the pages of Forum City, what house you expect to see? Traditional Alpine chalet? Yes, that's how it would have been back in the days when there were witches around.

The Austrian province of the current century has many of the most unusual and beautiful buildings. This photo report focuses on one of them.

This is a private mansion D. Residence, Construction of which was designed by specialists from the company LP studio Architektur was completed in 2012. The house, a total of 205 sq.m, located in the municipality of Upper Austria Lengau.

The residence is a small residential complex, consisting of two traditional wooden buildings with a high gable roof. It was built on the site where there used to be a modest little brick house and an adjoining stable. Inspired by the beauty of the local nature and the meditative rural idyll, the architects rethought the appearance of wooden houses, more familiar to the tenacious eye of the villager, and presented, in their opinion, the only right solution to develop such projects in the patriarchal hinterland.

Archetypically, the main building, which looks like an elongated box, and the adjacent smaller guesthouse with a garage create an atmosphere of coziness and rustic identity. The residence with the large green space in front of it and the gravel paths blending harmoniously into the landscape. To the vertical wood cladding typical of barns, an entrance area was added to the rear. Between the houses, reinforced concrete, there is a wooden terrace with integrated benches, and the glazing of part of the facade and roofing creates the effect of visual transparency. As the main material of the house inside and outside – His Majesty the Natural Wood.

Interesting that the garage door blends in completely with the cladding, making the house "invisible. The garage "swallows" the car as a foreign element here, erasing memories of the civilization and its harmful effect on nature.

Every room inside the house as if created to give the maximum in comfort, relaxation, good mood and, of course, magnificent exclusive views of the chain of mountain peaks, green hills and picturesque valley below. The two floors accommodate several spacious bedrooms, children's room, living room, dining room and kitchen, bathrooms.

Despite the residence's near-traditional appearance, state-of-the-art materials were used in construction and finishes in addition to fir wood. Inside, stone-tiled fireplaces and a rustic stove coexist side by side with modern furnishings and appliances.

Private House D. Residence in Austria
A plot of land by the house
Interior design of the D. Residence in Austria
Interior Design D. Residence in Austria
Bedroom interior design
Private House D. Residence in Austria
Private residence D. Residence in Austria
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