Luxurious energy-independent house with unique architecture

In the midst of the mountain landscape of Los Sueños, Casa Piscucha is a luxurious villa. This fantastically conceived and interesting home project was designed by Cincopatasalgato, who specialize in environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings. Amazing in all its manifestations, the living space charms with its unusual interiors, futuristic roof and delightful contours contrasting with the picturesque nature and hilly views. The structure is surrounded by a riot of greenery and a variety of bright colors that boldly blends into every room, complimenting the minimalist decor.

The exterior of the Casa Piscucha house
The exterior of Casa Piscucha

A unique construction makes for a more efficient use of the space. The roof is the basis of the design of the villa, it is not only an eye-catcher, but also a functional detail, serving as a kind of canopy, creating shade in the right places. Enchanting looks and intriguing simplicity are the basis of the construction, which attracts looks and is an integral part of the house.

The Casa Piscucha exterior
The exterior of Casa Piscucha
The pool at Casa Piscucha
The interior of the living room at Casa Piscucha
Stairs to the second floor of Casa Piscucha
Casa Piscucha Villa bedroom interior

The unique project is the most attractive example of an energy-independent home. It is equipped with solar panels, ventilation, rainwater harvesting system, and large areas of glazing let in a lot of heat and light.

Casa Piscucha house diagram
Casa Piscucha House Diagram

Built with environmentally friendly materials: stone, glass, concrete and wood, the architects also managed to maintain a perfect balance between the existing structure and the textures used to build it. At first glance the building somewhat resembles origami, a paper figure made of paper, even the interior is as light and airy as if created of cardboard. But this is a misleading opinion, in fact it is a modern, stylish and cozy home designed for a comfortable holiday.

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