Live with pleasure – the original house with elements of ethnic style

Zoe Krislock loves to travel. She worked for Nike and has lived in Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Southern California, Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. In these cities, she found interesting things and items that later settled into her new home in Portland.

A modern cottage with a minimalist interior design and relaxed atmosphere sits surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park. The mansion has a spacious area of 230 square meters and an interesting layout, which includes three comfortable bedrooms, two bathrooms and one toilet, a guest salon and a kitchen with dining room. The unusual building was built in 1994, so it needed only cosmetic repairs.

A deep red armchair in the interior of the salon

Maple wood shelving combined with gray wall decoration creates a sophisticated atmosphere in the apartment.

Gray granite countertops in the kitchen

Place for the preparation of dishes was designed in a simple and concise manner. Snow-white walls, a modest kitchen apron, granite worktop and unpretentious furniture combine beautifully.

Interior of a bedroom with a fireplace

In the corner of the boudoir is a magnificent bed with a textile headboard. It was complete with luxurious bedding, and numerous pillows were made of silk, horsehair, jute and sequins. The bedroom wall surface is adorned with delightful artwork and a simple fireplace for the home.

Surfboards in a home office interior

The cottage owner went surfing while growing up in Newport Beach, California. This is reminded by the two light boards installed in the home office near the wall. They bring creativity and a special individual character to the setting.

Spacious walk-in closet in the bedroom

In a small bedroom, the homeowner organized a spacious walk-in closet. Custom-made wooden furniture and fittings were chosen to match the modern decor of the house.

The decor of the front door

The front entrance was decorated with curved metal siding panels. This gave the external appearance of the structure elegance and incredible practicality. Designers planted shrubs and trees near the structure, which further decorated the building.

Homeowner Zoe Krislock

Whitney Lyons' unusual home in the American city of Portland is a delightful engineering masterpiece. It has an amazing aesthetic and casual style, interesting furnishings that the owners brought from all over the world, a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful setting that attracts a lot of attention and interest to this project.

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