Masterpiece of modern architecture Casa Jondal

The exterior of the Casa Jondal mansion in Spain

The most unusual part of the villa – this 40-meter swimming pool, which is a must, given the hot climate of this country.

A nice addition to the pool is a spacious terrace, which offers a picturesque view of the wildlife of the Balearic Islands.

Casa Jondal pool terrace in Spain

The building has been designed so that one part is occupied by the guest area, the other part by the bedroom and bathroom.

Glass walls and large openings flood all rooms with sunlight.

With white ceramic finishes and rustic elements, the interior space goes beyond the traditional notion of the interior.

Interior design Casa Jondal in Spain
Interior design of the bedroom and bathroom of Casa Jondal in Spain

The white brick exterior treatment of the structure and the transparent walls play an important role in the evening – now it is not the street that lights up the house, but the house lights up the street.

As befits an Art Nouveau design, the exterior of the building provides spiritual peace and a sense of comfort.

Evening view of Casa Jondal in Spain
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