The Sea and Light House is a splendid glass-walled monolithic house project

The desire for warm countries is inherent in many readers of Forum City, and this home in Peru will be interesting to each of them. It's called casa mar de luz, which means "home of the sea and light".

Its walls hide the occupants from prying eyes and at the same time allow them to feel in the bosom of nature, opening a wonderful view from almost any room.

As well as others author's house projects, In this, every detail was imagined and drawn up in advance, so the proportions of the building blend in perfectly with its surroundings. It feels as if it is made up of several separate blocks, which forms a convenient driveway, several open areas and a courtyard, and the patio flows seamlessly into the living room.

Huge windows make the common areas almost open, and in these rooms a lot of horizontal lines create a feeling of some earthiness of the surfaces: tables, couches, chairs.

This is how an aura of boundless tranquility and serenity is engendered. And all of this is shaped into a sense of spaciousness and unassuming luxury, highlighted by the noble gray color and designer furniture.

Pathway to the house
Washbasin and big mirror
A huge bedroom
Designer furniture
Simple wooden shelves
Large lamp and wicker chairs
Sea view from the house
Dining room in the courtyard
The facade of a building

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