Minarc’s innovative eco-friendly Appleton Living design, Venice, Italy

In Forum City the theme of eco-houses is always relevant and we continue to acquaint you with striking projects that emphasize the connection between nature and architecture.

Bedroom with access to the pool

Consider the advantages of the interior, which give this home its individuality. In front of us cozy bedroom with access to the pool and a comfortable office. Use of large glazed areas instead of brick or concrete walls to visually unify the interior and exterior.

Dining area on the veranda
Red carpet to the front door

The bathroom impresses with its elegance. Contemporary bathroom fixtures, wood and mosaic tile finishes add to its charm.

Children bathing dogs in the bathtub

In the heart of the residence is a cozy living room with a fireplace, where you can spend an entertaining evening in the light of the fireplace. Catching the eye is an interesting interpretation indoors, where the wooden area separates it into a separate area, a cozy island in the room.

A board game on the coffee table in the living room
Mirror in wood bark in the bathroom
Plan for a country home in Venice

An elegant and luxurious residence where organicity and modern innovation blend harmoniously. The terrace with a swimming pool, practical and comfortable interior, which was created for a family with children, charming with its functionality and original solutions.

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