Mjölk House by Studio Junction votes for sustainability, Toronto, Canada

Living room of Mjölk House town house in Canada
The terrace at Mjölk House in Canada

Studio Junction's unique Mjölk house completely votes for people to stop producing, touching, inhaling molecules of harmful substances from plastic, resins and paints. In an apartment located in the historic district of Canadian Toronto, a lot of objects in wood, metal, stone and leather. A comfortable bathroom is complemented with ceramic tiles, and the kitchen is equipped with a granite countertop. Plus, a small coffee table found its place in the living room, which is made of recycled copper antique trays that have lost their aesthetic appearance over time.

Mjölk House children's room in Canada
The staircase of Mjölk House in Canada

During the implementation of this project, specialists encountered a host of problems: the traditional location of the apartment block, stretched into the interior of the block, and the lack of a backyard or open terraces led to insufficient light and incomplete ventilation of the house. These disadvantages were eliminated by creating an atrium, a small internal light palisade with exits from all rooms.

Interior of the Mjölk House urban home in Canada

Designers used the canonical requirements of Scandinavian and Japanese styles in interior decoration. Northern laconicism, austerity, simplicity of form, light 'aquarelle' tones in the overall colour of the space and the aesthetic philosophy of Japanese minimalism find their common expression in the special relationship to natural materials. The abundance of wood in the house not only shows the owners' love for all things natural, but also gives them warmth and a real home comfort. It's no coincidence that the Mjölk Gallery, whose name translates from Swedish as "milk", displays mostly works of art by Japanese and Scandinavian artists, sculptors, and designers.

Layout of Mjölk House town house in Canada
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