The geometry of modern architecture from childhood – the extraordinary Tetris House by rzlbd, Toronto, Canada

There are a lot of interesting non-standard buildings in the world. But this mansion, designed by the Canadian architectural firm rzlbd, deserves special attention because it reminds every reader of our fascinating forum of childhood.

The cottage is elegant and warm, with a perfect design and a lot of windows that let the sun shine through.

The interior of the Tetris House
The interior of Tetris House
Tetris House interior
Tetris House interior
The exterior of Tetris House
The exterior of Tetris House

So let's look at this unusual house project in more detail.

Remember, we all had a passion for Tetris at one time or another. Each of us was simply mesmerized by the magic of geometry and the rewards that awaited for efficiently completing levels. For the design company rzlbd the tetris was not just a pleasant childhood memory, but a truly fascinating task and the embodiment of their work.

If the design was as coherent as the blocks in this game, there would be almost no unused corners. The client's demands seemed impossible at first. Speaking metaphorically, we should have placed in 40 meters what is designed for 110 meters, while maintaining clear zoning of the space. Thinking over the requirements, the experts derived the rule which has been followed throughout the work – every centimeter is usable for the 21st century house of Miguel de Guzmán Veidimanna Protum.

The 915 square meter, 3 levels have 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 laundry rooms, a nanny's room, a home office, a large living room with a spacious kitchen, a bar with a wine cellar, an entertainment area, a covered garage and plenty of storage space.

The "tetris"-style design implies compactness, so the lighting system of a private house is so clever that the rays are distributed throughout its height. Light pours in from the top floor to the basement thanks in part to the glass slabs of the 'shaft' which runs vertically through each floor.

To make the best use of the seventeen-meter long wall on the first floor, it is filled with continuously installed appliances and modular furniture that meet all modern standards. From the office shelving in the foyer, near the entrance, it transitions to the cabinets located in the kitchen and ends with the fireplace in the living room. This approach in the design of the space not only solves the issue of storage space for different things, but also provides a clean, modern look, which relieves the floor plan from congestion.

Given that the house is made up of units that are different in structure and type, the architects had to face some challenges. On each floor it was necessary to level the floor, adjust it to the right height, fix the gaps in the staircases to make the parquet look right.

The finishes for the front of the house are a mix of different textures that outline elements of the interior. This bold decision was made not for the sake of creating a harmonious appearance, but rather as an attempt to give the building a certain charm and focus attention on the geometry of the outlines, which are so reminiscent of the game "Tetris", loved by everyone since childhood.

Photos courtesy of borXu Design.

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