Modern interior design of a Rue de Lille apartment in a historic 19th century building

Modern interior design A certain purity of tones and desire to visually expand the space, so the walls and ceilings are covered with snow-white plaster. The floor is lined with wooden flooring of quite gentle and warm shade. It has that touch of nobility that makes the heart sigh in delight.

The built-in kitchen and its unexpected transition from the hallway address a gray, sophisticated and slightly whimsical tone. Mirrored and glossy surfaces and marble were used here. This sets the basic idea for the choice of furniture and textiles in the future, outlines certain style frames.

And even though the work is not finished, you can already feel the special French charm in it. Perhaps it is the delicate mouldings on the ceiling or the delicate railings on the balcony, visible through the windows. However, a sense of aesthetic pleasure arises at the first sight of the photo.

A window in the interior
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Interior design of an apartment in Paris
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Interior design of an apartment in Paris
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Interior design of a shower room
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  1. Piper

    This article about the modern interior design of a Rue de Lille apartment in a historic 19th-century building looks fascinating! I’m curious to know how the designers incorporated modern elements while still preserving the building’s historical charm. Did they face any challenges in blending the old and new aesthetics? And what specific design choices were made to create a harmonious balance between the two?

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