My home – my castle: The gritty face of Villa Stamerbos

The Stamerbos villa was designed by the 70F engineering team in 2007 and completed six years later. It is located in Stamerbos in Almera, The Netherlands. The interesting design of the house stands in an open area with stunning green lawns, luxurious plants and plantings that fill the air with a special freshness and aesthetic appeal. The building is impressive in size and striking in its grandeur and striking geometric form. The façade of the building is clad with stone tiles of incredible texture and light hue, which blends in with the natural landscape.

Barred exterior from prying eyes

The voluminous entrance to the mansion is decorated with a panoramic opening with transparent glass, which creates a welcoming atmosphere and invites visitors to enter the interior.

On the reverse side, the façade of the building has an extremely open design

Amazing window design fills the room with a dazzling sunshine and natural warmth, creating a comfortable and cozy space. The design of the facade is aesthetically pleasing and original, and blends beautifully with the landscape to allow family and guests to enjoy the stunning, picturesque scenery.

An interesting architectural aperture was created in the middle of the structure

Next to the reservoir was equipped with a small house with a one-storey structure, which allows owners to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stunning water surface.

The decoration of the mansion has been done in a modern and creative style

The original area with a natural composition was completely lined with glass panels, and around it were installed interesting accessories and decorative items, which gives the environment personality and a special authenticity.

A spacious corridor surrounds the glass cube

The guest salon is located on the first floor with open access to a picturesque cube and a natural composition. The design was sustained in a minimalist manner, which is distinguished by the absence of excessive decorative accessories and interior items. It is equipped with a large sectional sofa with dark gray upholstery and numerous decorative cushions, a coffee table on high metal legs, as well as original decorations. A chandelier with a large round floor lamp fills the living room with a soft and diffused glow.

Along the perimeter of the salon was installed laconic and sophisticated furniture set

A small hallway connects to the lounge area for relaxation and serene pastime connects the guest lounge to the functional kitchen. This miniature passageway has been outfitted with interesting designer furniture in the form of fantastic bright armchairs and original coffee tables.

The kitchen has been equipped with a modern set with wooden fronts

The dining, coffee drinking and chatting area is adjacent to the glass cube and is accentuated by black original furniture, a fine ornamented carpet and a lamp hanging from the ceiling on a long thin cord. A comfortable green upholstered armchair and a low table allow the family to relax, read a book, or contemplate the endless expanse of water in a relaxing atmosphere.

Green plants in ceramic troughs

The dining area was designed in a minimalist style. A long dining table seating eight people surrounded by simple and uncomplicated chairs occupies the great room. This area is accentuated by the original chandelier, which fills the environment with radiance and sparkle. A window opening with sliding doors makes it easy to blend in with the landscape and bring in fresh air to the decor.

Sleeping room with serene interior design

The bathroom is made in interesting and creative style, and the ceramic vase with the expressive branch of the tree complements the interior.

The façade looks like a simple geometric structure

The unusual Villa Stamerbos by design bureau 70F is an excellent example of how apartments can be transformed in an unusual and charming way that harmoniously combines the natural surroundings with the interior décor.

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  1. Avalon

    The title “My home – my castle: The gritty face of Villa Stamerbos” caught my attention, but what exactly makes the face of this villa gritty? Is it the architectural style, the surrounding environment, or perhaps something else? I’m curious to know more about this place and what sets it apart.

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