Original design project of a large country house with a glass front

This project owes its appearance to the California team of Griffin Enright Architects, and the name –Benedict Canyon, located in Los Angeles.

Benedict Canyon residence design
Benedict Canyon residence design
Benedict Canyon Residence Design
Benedict Canyon Residence Design
The Benedict Canyon Residence Design

The roof is expansive, the glazed rear façade (the phrase seems, at first glance, incorrect, but this house does have two façades) makes the structure open to the surrounding landscape, providing a close interaction of the outside and the outside environment.

Creative ceiling design – the main design highlight. Clad in plywood with a layer of resin and seaweed, it has windows to allow airflow circulation and an influx of natural light.

The floor – painted concrete with an epoxy resin finish which gives it the appearance of instant liquid and excellent reflectivity. Ultimately, the fusion of these effects leads to a blurring of traditional distinctions and ideas, inverting notions of top and bottom, for you find that natural wood flooring Was upstairs, concrete ceiling – under your feet!

That's how it is, this unusual house!

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