Original design project of a private home 3 Palms of iron

The original 3 Palms mansion is a unique architectural design located near the Los Angeles States California, USA. It is owned by renowned movie actor Bryan Cranston, with the town cottage the result of the combined efforts of the companies Allen Associates Construction Turturro Design Studio. An unusual house It stands on a charming beachfront plot of land, overlooking the turquoise blue sea, white sand dunes and shimmering white sand. Such a wonderful location, picturesque natural surroundings and innovative technology used during the construction of the building allows you to enjoy a comfortable life in the best place on the planet.

3 Palms US country home design

The charming patio terrace was lined with concrete and enclosed by a small steel fence. It is equipped with a personal descent to the beach and access to the mesmerizing sea. A small table, seating six, surrounded by practical chairs, invites you to enjoy breakfast or a summer meal outdoors, listening to the sound of the surf and watching the incredibly evocative sunset.

Solar panels of the 3 Palms country home in the U.S

They are hidden from view by a concrete fence, so they do not disturb the coherent modern art exterior design.

Entrance hallway of 3 Palms country house in the United States

Adjacent to the entrance, a small lounge area has been set up for relaxing and comfortable changing. It allows you to welcome guests and friends in a beautiful setting that features a miniature cozy sofa with beige upholstery, lots of decorative cushions, a coffee table and charming interior fixtures and fittings. Narrow panes of glass face east, preventing the sun's scalding rays from heating up the interior.

3 Palms Country House Kitchen in the USA

The round dining table is surrounded by chairs for comfortable seating during a meal for six people. Accentuating this area is a unique chandelier with a cloth plafond in a light brown hue. It fills the room with a warm and diffused glow, and is in harmony with the basic stylistics of the decoration. The apartment is illuminated by spotlights on the ceiling, providing diffuse lighting, and fixtures that cast a soft glow on certain functional areas.

3 Palms country house bedroom in the United States

The panoramic window units allow you to enjoy the sea view and the sunlight during your vacation and also provide access to a small narrow balcony surrounded by a metal railing. The minimalist decoration of the boudoirs is complemented by ceiling fans and a soft cozy carpet, which creates the perfect conditions for relaxation.

3 Palms country house bedroom in USA

Note the original bedroom, which was equipped on the lower level. The interior of this boudoir is characterized by narrow window openings that do not allow scalding sunlight to penetrate the room, which creates perfect conditions for sleeping and resting.

3 Palms country house bedroom in the US

The epicenter of the bedroom is the amazing transformer bed, which saves square footage and makes the interior look functional and practical.

3 Palms country house bedroom in the United States

The bathroom is designed in a serene and tranquil stylistic direction. It has been combined with an open floor plan with a walk-in closet, giving great opportunities for functional living. A large snow-white bathtub with a refined shape and outline of a human figure is located near the window with frosted glass. Behind it was a niche in the wall, which was equipped with a shower stall with a transparent railing. Glossy bathroom fixtures, illuminated mirror The bathroom looks amazing, as does the elegant design!

3 Palms country house bathroom in the U.S

Illumination of the facade forms a mysterious and attractive exterior of the structure, which due to its unique form stands out from the standard architecture of the urban development of Los Angeles.

3 Palms country home design in the USA

Interesting House Design 3 Palms by the creative alliance of Allen Associates Construction and Turturro Design Studio is an ideal example of how to decorate apartments in a modern dizzying style that transforms their appearance and creates a comfortable environment for living and recreation.

3 Palms Country Home Plan in the United States
Sketch of the 3 Palms country house in the US
Sketch of a 3 Palms country home in the US
Blueprint for 3 Palms country home in the United States
Sketch of the 3 Palms country house in the US
Sketch of the 3 Palms country house in the USA
Sketch of the 3 Palms country house in the USA
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    The original design project sounds intriguing, but what does “3 Palms of iron” refer to in the context of a private home? Would you kindly elaborate on this element and provide more details about the overall design concept?

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