Remarkable design project of an urban house with a courtyard

Landscaping courtyard entrance

The cottage has almost entirely retained its original appearance, but the overall characteristics and beauty have been accentuated and improved – and this has ensured the "modernity" of this residence.

First and foremost (at the beginning of the remodel) it was decided to demolish the wall between the kitchen, living room and dining room. This is how one large multipurpose area was created.

Landscaping the patio

Particular attention was paid to the multipurpose room: the blue and gray tones matched perfectly with the colors of the wood and brick walls. The kitchen maintains the contrast between cream, red and white. Illumination is evenly distributed thanks to the "mirror effect". Beautiful garden view.

Landscaping of the patio
Landscaping the backyard
Landscaping of the patio
Landscaped backyard
Linear white kitchen
White linear kitchen
Linear white kitchen
A shower cabin instead of a bathtub
Floor plan layout of the house
Home floor plan
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