Luxury design project of a courtyard in a country house

Victoria's largest architectural agency Cos Design has recently designed and implemented an exceptional residential project at the Naroon. Luxury home located in an Australian town Melbourne Victoria. According to the architects: "When the owners decided to renovate their garden courtyard, they felt an instant unity of thought with specialist Steve Taylor of COS Engineering, plus they believed in his ability to articulate remarkable Decor ideas, the senses and the specificity of the overall atmosphere in a unified decoration. The elevated swimming pool is now located on one side of the house and opens up a large terrace area for family and friends to gather in a relaxing circle of friends, eat in a pleasant environment and enjoy outdoor recreation.

The interior courtyard of the Naroon Mansion in Australia

For seminal gatherings and enjoyment of a tasty meal in the open air, the site has been equipped with a practical table Seating four, surrounded by colorful wicker-framed chairs with dainty pillars. The chic crown of a tall tree protects this area from the scorching sun during the daytime hours, and gently refracts the rays and allows you to admire the surrounding nature from the windows of the apartments.

A small outbuilding was placed next to the lunch and dinner area, visually united with the landscaping. It's lined with wood flooring and allows the owners to practice music and play guitar. Wall surfaces are covered with special partitions with soundproofing material, if necessary, to ensure the comfort and convenience of family members and neighbors.

The open porch of the Naroon Mansion in Australia

An unusual canopy of wooden beams was installed over the swimming pool, giving the space a special appeal and authenticity. They emerge seamlessly from gorgeous green shrubs, creating a uniquely and aesthetically pleasing landscape design. The pool's walls were decorated with dark pearlescent mosaic tiles, giving the structure even more charm and magnetism. On the far side was equipped with a water outlet, which imitates a small waterfall. It creates an enchanting splash of splash, and also beautifully decorates the site planning.

Courtyard at Naroon Mansion in Australia

Around the pool an area was formed for sunbathing and enjoying the surrounding landscape. It is lined with glossy black slabs, which blends perfectly with the construction of the structure and the wooden decking in front of the water entrance.

The swimming pool at Naroon Mansion in Australia

The combination of textured orange brick and the calm waters of the bathing area, with mother-of-pearl mosaic tile and textured wood solids, adorns the building's charming facade. The unique panoramic window openings, however, allow family members and guests to contemplate the stunning design surroundings and the stunning landscaping enchantment of the modestly sized courtyard area during tranquil moments of relaxation, enjoyment and dining.

Courtyard at Naroon Australia

In the evening, the courtyard is illuminated by a dazzling lighting installed along the structure of the residence, near the panoramic swimming pool, around the podium and the main architectural elements, which adds a special aesthetic appeal, magnetism and eccentricity to the atmosphere of the interior area.

Naroon Mansion swimming pool in Australia

Interesting and unusual design of the residence Naroon from the design studio Cos Design In an Australian city Melbourne Victoria's largest design agency is an exceptional example of unconventional and unconstrained creativity. It has an interesting location in a vibrant neighborhood, serene and accommodating décor, an original design of the patio and a chic mansion exterior.

Naroon Mansion in Australia

Interior Photography Courtesy of the author Tim Turner.

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