SDM’s futuristic apartment building project

India, incredible and distinctive, is known for its delicious cuisine, impenetrable jungles, beautiful traditions and the peculiar attitude of Indians to questions of life and death. Many people probably associate this country with the Taj Mahal, which astonishes with its majestic beauty and stirs imagination with legends associated with it.

But the land of two rivers (Indus and Ganges) can amaze tourists not only with its old architecture but also with its modern designs. SDM Departamento is an accomplished residential project by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop. The building is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Interior design of an apartment building

The living room is dominated by paintings in black and white and an unusual artistic carpet in keeping with the colors of the room and the furniture. A soft and comfortable sofa lined with a dense green fabric blends perfectly with the gray cushions.

Interior design of an SDM apartment building

The perfectly shaped book shelves are openings in the wall to match the white of the wall. This allows you to place all the necessary and pleasant little things, which will fit into the interior, saving free space.

Interior Design of an Apartment House Departamento SDM

The room area was used perfectly and the abrupt transitions in color create an unusual visual effect. Asymmetrically placed window adds to the overall picture.

Interior design of an apartment house Departamento SDM
Interior Design Departamento SDM

The dining room is highlighted by an unusual chandelier that resembles several drops of mercury frozen on the ceiling. Steel sheen blends dynamically into the look of the room.

SDM Departamento Residential Home Interior Design
Interior design of SDM apartment house
Interior design of the SDM residential home

The bedroom promotes cleanliness, tranquility and relaxation. The white color that dominates the room harmonizes with the natural materials and wood motifs.

Interior Design Departamento SDM
Interior design of an SDM apartment block


Photo courtesy of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

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