Stratford Creek private wood home project on a steep hillside

In today's article, we will tell you about the design of Stratford Creek Mansion, which was designed and implemented by the talented professionals and designers of Matt Garcia Design architectural studio in the American metropolis of Austin. We suggest you dive into the mesmerizing photography, and pay attention to the ideas and solutions implemented in this creative masterpiece.

The Stratford Creek Apartments are a unique private residence designed in-house Matt Garcia Design. They are located in the city Austin state Texas, USA. The interesting design of the house attracts the eye of passersby and local residents with its unusual execution, relaxed look and simple geometric silhouette.

Immaculately positioned amidst green trees, lush shrubs and amazing vegetation. The facade of the building has been finished with textured planks with a rich hue that gives the architectural image of a natural and relaxed. Descend to the cottage via a small concrete staircase with laconic metal railings and wood railings.

Outdoor patio seating

In a unique location with a challenging geographical landscape. As it stands on a precipitous cliff, metal piles were installed to strengthen the overall structure, which also gives the architectural look expressive and dramatic beauty.

There is a parking area on one side of the building that is sheltered from the rain by a canopy, and a panoramic wood lined bridge allows guests and family members to enjoy the natural surroundings and lush greenery in the house.

A cantilevered ledge with panoramic window openings

On the left side of the building is a one-story outbuilding with a garage, as well as a parking space and guest parking. The spacious area allows two cars to easily and comfortably fit on it.

Guest Lounge

On the opposite side of the room, the kitchen has been arranged in a colorful and rich blue and white color scheme. Modern furniture set with frosted fronts of sapphire shade fills the end wall, with it perfectly harmonizes the appliances with metal housing.

Accentuating element in the interior is the kitchen island, which is equipped with a surface for cutting, a sink and a miniature table for breakfast or a light snack during the day. It was circled by unique bar stools with a metal frame and concise seating.

A wooden dining table with an unusual chandelier

The wooden round dining table is a connecting element that seamlessly connects the guest salon with the kitchen. It is adorned with an extraordinary chandelier and surrounded by several chairs with a rich blue finish. The original light fixture was made with simple clothes hangers and light bulbs, which together look simply stunning.

Designer furniture in the bedroom

The bathroom is designed in a contrasting brown and white color scheme, which is uplifting and allows you to enjoy water and beauty treatments in a pleasant atmosphere. A dressing table with wooden doors and white high gloss surface is complemented by mirrors and unusual lamps, and a canvas painting brings a special creative and eccentric flair to the room.

Light beige color workroom furniture

The unusual Stratford Creek home design by Matt Garcia Design is a delightful example of how a home can be decorated in an exceptional and original manner with a lush and colorful hue palette, modern furnishings and striking decorative accessories.

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