The original home on a steep hillside – the stylish home of a couple

The exterior of the Ozone House in Australia

The interior is modern, fresh and elegant. Partition walls, flooring and most of the built-in cabinetry are made from natural wood that has the unique ability to create a true sense of home.

Kitchen interior design at Ozone House

Its main advantage, undoubtedly, can be considered the absence of other nearby residential structures, which relieves the owners from the pesky prying eyes of others and makes their life more peaceful and comfortable.

The exterior facades and interior spaces are a harmonious blend of natural wood and lots of glass surfaces that fill the house with the light and air that is so necessary to create a healthy and peaceful atmosphere, allowing both adults and children to enjoy inner harmony and enjoy each other's company.

Ozone House Terrace
The exterior of the Ozone House in Australia
Ozone House interior design
Ozone House interior design
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