Stunning private house project with gabion technology

Having a home in a beautiful setting is a pleasure in itself. And if it is also a "smart" house, that is, built with regard to the traditions and in harmony with the natural environment, then we can already talk about real wealth, both moral and material. As an example we offer a story about the Polish project House in the Landscape. The authorship belongs to Kropka Studio.

Project of a House in the Landscape
House in the Landscape
Terrace of House in the Landscape
The exterior of the house in a landscape
The roof made of wooden slats
The staircase with wooden steps
Wooden grating on the facade of the House in the Landscape
Living space House in the Landscape
Interior design of the living room
Wooden kitchen island

The building is L-shaped. On the first floor there is an open kitchen, living room, master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet. Two more bedrooms and a smaller bathroom on the second floor.

Heating is provided by a heat pump. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. In addition, the house has triple glazed windows.

Kitchen worktop

The window openings are very large, with beautiful views of the garden.

Photo courtesy of Maciej Lulko.

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  1. Piper

    This private house project seems absolutely stunning! I’m wondering how gabion technology is incorporated into the design and construction of the house. Can you please provide more information about it?

  2. Indigo

    This sounds intriguing! Could you please provide more details about this “gabion technology” used in the private house project? How does it contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the property?

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