Conceptual design of a secluded country house in gabion technique

Forum City will take a short tour of the iconic residence San Cayetano 215 m2. The landscape surrounding the home Arizona, U.S., can be described as a vast prairie: here around silent rocks and outcrops of rock strata to the surface, oxidized under the merciless sun.

This desiccated, semi-dry pasture with oaks, mesquite, and seasonal wildflowers contrasts defiantly with the lush coastal areas. Expansion and intimacy are organically intertwined in the wilderness, with distant layered mountains and picturesque cliffs among willows and poplars visible at the same time. The dominance of the monsoon, the endless sunshine and the scattering of stars as if to say: nature is the main character here.

San Cayetano Residence in the United States
San Cayetano residence in the United States
San Cayetano residence's facade in the US
The wall of the San Cayetano residence home in the United States
The glazed veranda of the San Cayetano residence in the United States
Kitchen interior design by DesignBuild and Magaly Art Studio
San Cayetano Residence in the United States
The San Cayetano Residence in the United States

The project is designed as a support for the unique environment, the structure of the house is harmoniously woven into the phenomenal landscape. From the lobby and pavilion through the outdoor patio, the mountain opens up in all its glory Wrightson. The rest of the rooms face south and east, showing exposed bluffs and a wind-corroded hillside with sparse clusters of trees.

The flat roof is used as an observation deck for endless expanses and enjoying the night sky. Local stone, pigmented stucco and rusted metal are used throughout the villa, forming a perfect harmony with the surroundings.

The architectural composition is designed as a landscape-integrated assembly of three buildings. The Main House houses the living quarters. Private studio and structural sheds form spatial extensions towards the northern rocky ridge. The building is artfully integrated into its natural surroundings through the original merging of interior rooms with natural verandas. The living room, dining room and kitchen share an outdoor space, each bedroom has its own private nook, and the bathroom even has an outside shower.

House plan - side view
House plan as seen from the side

The building structure is a lightweight steel frame clad in cement-gypsum boards. Rust on iron blurs sharp conceptual forms. The use of local materials subtly differentiates the home's manmade origins from the harsher natural terrain. Horizontal shading screens on the cantilevered sections of the roof, which are retractable in case of prolonged absences, are provided to protect against the heat.

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