Stylish modern residence Forest House: the landscape that became part of the interior design

Up North Copenhagen, In a picturesque setting, amidst lush greenery, sits the residence Forest House, in which the concept is invested all the strengths Scandinavian design, Open floor plan and large windows. The project itself is quite simple and neat, but in such brevity you can see the potential, the meaning of which is a quiet and peaceful rest of the inhabitants. Homeowners prefer to enjoy the boundless beauty of the surrounding. For them it is unacceptable to overload their houses with unnecessary details, in preference to leave enough space for freedom of thought and inspiration.

Entrance area
Country residence Forest House in Denmark

As you know, summer is very short in this region and the cold and bad weather lasts a good part of the year. Overcast days and monotonous evenings are not liked by many people, so the residents invented to replace the lack of light with internal warmth and good illumination interior design. Large glazed areas allow you to erase that thin line between the soul and the outside world, create the illusion of unity with the environment and let it into your comfort zone. This project is interesting with these features, and even the presence of the rooms is not considered a separate area as such, the correct palette visually increases the area and reflects the light well, visually increasing the area.

Forest House Country Residence in Denmark
Open window
View from the window
Interior design of a residence in Denmark
Interior design of a residence in Denmark

Finishing the stairs in the house As elegant and calm as the rest of the interior. The light colors, natural materials and aesthetics in every curve denote an individual character as tranquil as the surrounding atmosphere.

Bathroom interior design

The humble forest home is surrounded by magnificent nature, which is much better than any decor. Thanks to the right prioritization, each element of the interior and the image of modern housing in general sets a certain emotional mood, which promotes the love for the picturesque surroundings and universal harmony. A stunning reproduction of the Scandinavian style and minimalism, despite its neutrality, merged in a calm and comfortable environment that inspires and leaves plenty of room for thought and imagination.

First Floor Plan

Second Level

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