The balance of the vintage facade and the concise geometry of modern interiors

A stunning project that strikingly combines antique and modern forms. What is unusual is that the mansion in question looks like a fairy tale castle, and you would expect to see rooms decorated in a similar style inside. But as soon as you cross the threshold, time moves swiftly into a modern world of geometric austerity.

The authors named the work below after the area where it was realized Bidart, France. Bold architecture, the search for new ideas for organizing space and perhaps new forms of living – you'll see it all in this topic.

The Bidart residence in France

A two-story mansion immersed in lush greenery decorative plantings, Greeting you with a luxurious entrance with massive double doors, reached by stone steps. Immediately at the entrance one's eye catches an amazing wall lined with a natural wood veneer.

On its surface, there are hollows, reminding of the irregular shape holes that remain on trunks after a weak knot falls out. Apparently, such a design solution was to emphasize the naturalness and eco-friendliness of the building materials used. But functionally, these cavities are designed for dramatic illumination.

Bidart Residence in France
Interior of the Bidart residence in France

Of course, does not escape the attention and the snow-white hallway, where everything is subject to the principle of functional minimalism using cubic forms. Niches, hinged lockers, a cabinet for shoes and small items, as well as a square column and a beam combined into an organic composition.

Stairs in the interior

If you turn your back to it, you can see the ultra-modern pass-through kitchen (from it you can get to the second exit from the building). This small sized room is also subject to the principle of cubic geometry, but in this case it is justified by the compactness of such configurations.

The first thing you notice is the absence of bright spots and ornaments of any kind. And it's little things like this that give a space its personality and character. But in this case, the designers decided to depersonalize the room, endowing it with sterile cleanliness and exemplary order.

Window opening
Residence Bidart in France

The design of the second floor looks even more amazing. From the very last steps of the staircase you will again see white-washed interiors with many unusual configurations, in particular the original design of the window and doorways.


Predictably, here too, the authors of the project adhered to a clear geometry of space, provided by an unassuming cubic configuration of furniture, irregular, but with clearly delineated facets of the ceiling.

Interior of the Bidart residence in France
The Sink
Bathroom interior

Photo courtesy of the company Atelier Delphine Carrère

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  1. Larkin

    This design seems to strike a beautiful balance between the vintage exterior and modern interior. I’m curious to know how they achieved this cohesive combination. Did they face any challenges in blending the two styles? And what inspired them to merge these contrasting aesthetics?

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