The Borreraig House

View of The Borreraig House from afar in Scotland

The owner of this unusual home inherited his mother's garden plot and wanted to build a house that would reflect his local heritage and blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The architects were tasked with creating a tranquil, contemplative space for the client to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time with their friends.

The decision was made to stick to low-rise buildings that support the skyline. So the house was broken down into 3 separate elements: the living space, the bedroom wing and the studio space.

For the project, materials were chosen that were found in the surrounding landscape – metal for the galvanized gates, larch for the fence posts and stone for the walls. The interior is finished in a simple oak and Caithness stone palette.

At the same time, the building is equipped with all the necessary technology. Exterior blinds will protect against the worst storms, and an air-source heat pump will ensure that hot water is always available.

The result is a house inspired by local materials and culture, which not only provides comfort and cosiness to its owner, but also blends in seamlessly and firmly with its surroundings.

The patio of The Borreraig House in Scotland
The wooden facade of The Borreraig House in Scotland
Interior design of the living room of The Borreraig House in Scotland
The Borreraig House kitchen island in Scotland
Entrance hall The Borreraig House in Scotland
The bathroom of The Borreraig House in Scotland
Layout of The Borreraig House in Scotland

Photo: Andrew Lii , James Benedicta Brown.

Courtesy of Dualchas Architects.

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