Five of the strangest and most unusual buildings: from the Spiral House to the Dancing House and the Crazy House

Everyone wants to live in a beautifully appointed home with good renovations and interesting design. Everyone has a different concept of beauty and coziness. We want to provide you with the most unique home projects on the portal of the Beautiful Country House. Enjoy the view.

Unusual Basket House in the U.S

In second place is Basket building, which is located in the U.S. It was an idea of Dave Longaberger, head of the wicker basket retailer. They created an office as an exact replica of their basket. It took them two years and $30 million.

An unusual dancing house in Prague

In fourth place, the dancing house. Its location in Prague. The house was built by Vlad Milunich. It symbolizes a dancing couple, the house that stands upright represents a man, and the distorted one represents a dancing woman.

An unusual home in Vietnam

In fifth place is a crazy house in the Vietnamese city of Dalat. It was conceived and designed by architect Dang Viet Nga. She studied in Moscow, after which she decided to return to her homeland and design a house.

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