The elegant Balmoral House is an outstanding example of minimalist architecture

Dear readers of our fashion forum, today we go to New South Wales, Australia. Here is a brief overview of a house with an innovative design.

Balmoral House (as the facility is called) – a combination of multi-level interactive platforms, closely interconnected with each other. Thanks to the huge glass area, the interior is inextricably linked to the outside world.

The variety of rooms arranged in levels immediately catches the eye. At the same time, the building has all the conditions for non-public private life.

General View
Open space on the second floor

Space is a commodity in abundance here. The mobile glass partitions and the successful planning of the living room predetermine the airy and well-lit interiors. A cool-water pool, a cozy terrace and a green courtyard (and the climate, of course) allow for plenty of outdoor time.

Main Entrance
Residence exterior: front façade

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