A spacious interior in a modern house – a whimsical play of white figures and flowing spaces

Even though the urban way of life has its good points, sometimes we want to escape from the endless noise and bustle of the city.

To distract from the high houses and endless stream of cars outside the window, we offer our esteemed readers of the “Beautiful country house”website to travel with us to Tel Aviv, where the remarkable Israeli architect Sharon Weiser has built a house that fully meets this aspiration.

Modern interior design of a living room
White kitchen island

You can tell right away that this home was made with love. Everything is convenient and at your fingertips. Each of the rooms has a calming energy. The home has large wall cabinets, luxurious bathtubs, and numerous bookshelves.

White bedroom interior
White bathroom interior
Wicker chairs on the terrace
Private residence facade
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