The flexible void of a Japanese home in Nanakuma – maximum minimalism from MOVEDESIGN

Private house interior design in Fukuoka

The three levels of the structure are connected by a large open staircase, above which there is a window. The living space is illuminated by openings in the roof and facade. The staircase itself is specially designed to create volume. The entire structure consists of reinforced concrete blocks and wood panels. Floors, walls, ceilings, shelves and furniture are wooden. Steel was used for the railing.

On the subject of color and variety of textures, the only things that bring brightness are books, magazines and other items in a huge double-height cabinet.

And if you look at the design with the eyes of a sophisticated European, the smooth flat surfaces, lack of interesting and original decorative elements, excessive simplicity make the house soulless and empty. Such minimalism in the design of the living area is not compensated even by the views from the windows.

Evaluating the exterior and interior, it is important to remember that this approach is characteristic of Nippon culture. And the owners like the house.

Interior design of a private home in Fukuoka
A private home library
Interior design of a private home in Fukuoka
Kitchen interior with dining room in light colors
Wooden kitchen island
Wooden kitchen island
Wooden kitchen island with bar zone
Stairs to the top floor of a house in Fukuoka
Floor plans of a private home in Fukuoka
Schematic diagram of a private home in Fukuoka

The local architectural firm MOVEDESIGN worked on the project in 2013.

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    How does MOVEDESIGN achieve maximum minimalism in the flexible void of a Japanese home in Nanakuma?

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