Original architectural layout of the tetris house in a modern style

We invite you to see the unusual interior design of the house. In Toronto, the issue of space for residences and creating maximum usable space is very acute. To solve this issue, designers at Rzlbd Atelier Studio applied the Tetris principle and created a house made of blocks.

The task before the experts was almost unreal. Over 300 sq.m. the space had to accommodate 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 laundry rooms, a large kitchen, dining room, living room, carpenter's workshop, storage room and wine cellar with wet bar, children's playroom, designer garage.

Modern kitchen interior design

The kitchen and dining room are perpendicular to the living room and form a corner of the common area in front of the entrance door of the small courtyard. The cooking area is arranged along the wall and opposite the kitchen equipment there is an island with a sink, simultaneously used on the opposite side as a bar.

Gleaming hanging cabinets stretch along the entire room to the exterior wall. The underneath cabinets in front of the dining table can be used as an additional surface for cutting vegetables. Light beige, high gloss furniture and fittings. Dark only the kitchen apron and stove.

The division into zones takes place thanks to the different floor and ceiling levels, as well as a dark recess and a panel that delimits the space, creating a kind of open corridor along the wall. Brilliant beige in the interior makes the room warm and bright, creates the appearance of large volume.

On a narrow partition wall, the decor is in the form of a tablet with convex petals on it. It's matte, but matches the main color of the setting.

Interior design of living space

The view of the house from the street is reminiscent of Tetris. The path that leads to the house is divided by a rectangular patch of grass. Windows of different sizes are scattered chaotically along the facade.

Kitchen bar area

Thanks to the different floor levels, the dining table top and the high bar are at the same level and are extensions of each other.

The exterior of the tetris house

In the daylight, the tetris principle is particularly clear in the design of the façade. The units are finished with different material. U-shaped projection of the garage front wall made of bricks. Top porch step of light-colored stone slabs. The two sections are wooden, but the boards are treated differently. The upper floor represents protruding in varying degrees plastered rectangles with recesses of shiny windows.

Access road to the house

The surface of the walkway to the garage, and the sidewalk, are different in texture. Lattice slabs added to ordinary concrete, with grass sprouting through holes.

Floor plan diagram of a tetris house
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