Unique Villa Eriso House (Hedgehog Hole) in Jalisco, Mexico. Project by Agraz Architects

The interior of Eriso House

Villa Eriso is an atypical project for Agraz Architects. The firm has been around for more than ten years, but despite this solid professional background, it doesn't intend to stop there. On the contrary, this work is exactly the evidence that she is intensively looking for something new, which will allow her to expand the existing arsenal of urban planning techniques.

Interior of Eriso House

To use the landscape around the estate as part of the interior is the goal of the creative designers. The living room windows overlook a park with a small lake, a look that blends seamlessly into the room's setting. This principle was used for the interior design of all rooms in the Hedgehog Hole.

Interior of the house Eriso House

All main living quarters of the comfortable country house are on the first floor. From the luxurious living room, dining room with terrace, bedroom and even the kitchen you have a view of the lake. A narrow corridor with an aluminum partition designed by the artist Adrian Guerrero separates the children's rooms from the main part of the house. The lace of the metal curtain invites the little inhabitants of this unusual house into their own fairy tale.

Interior of the Eriso House

The landscaping around the Hedgehog Hole is given special attention. As the house stands on its own, it was decided to use the adjoining territory to the maximum, so that the boundary between inside and outside was marked only conditionally. Incorporating the greenery around the villa into the architectural design is a challenge Alvaro Morales, a renowned landscape gardener, was able to meet.

The interior of Eriso House
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