Very high end modern interior design in a luxury penthouse

Unusually shaped staircase

The two-level foyer, which passes into the open-plan living room, is the first thing that strikes the imagination of the guests who come here. The key element of the interior is the ultramodern fireplace in the form of an elongated rectangular niche.

Modern interior design of the kitchen in white
Gray quartzite wall finish

Suspended shelves, all in the same quartzite, are part of the minimalist furnishings in the bedroom and bathroom. The design concept is that all interior components are somehow tied to the monolithic structure of the wall, and some of them seem to be carved into it.

Glass enclosing staircase

Another striking design element is the grand staircase of oxidized steel that connects all three levels of the apartments. It is topped by a mezzanine which allows a full view of the space. It also provides access to the sun-drenched terrace.

Steps out onto the terrace

A glass block with an enclosed bathroom separates the bedroom from the second-floor studio. If necessary, you can activate a special coating that makes its walls matte, ensuring the privacy of this area.

Glass walls of the bathroom
Bathroom Interiors
Stylish bathroom interior design

This luxurious penthouse is the realization of an almost fantastic dream of many people who are eager to live in comfortable residences, but at the same time to be included daily in the bustling activity of the metropolis they love.

Every aspect of the contemporary design by Turett Collaborative Architects reflects the dynamic character of New York City today.

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